The main idea is a full restoration of the outpost with the aim of opening a house museum of the great actor Evgeny Leonov and open-air museum. Consequently, the atmosphere of the environment and spirit of the time in which Yevgeny Leonov stayed will be reproduced.

Leonov museum will be dedicated to everything that connects the legendary actor with Estonia, including the acting in the movie Legend About Thiel, the friendship with the wonderful Estonian actor Lembit Ulfsak, the trip to Saaremaa, and his stay at the border outpost in particular.

The outpost’s healthy state of preservation as a complete complex (none of the main structures and elements of the infrastructure have been demolished or reconstructed, which is very rare) with one of the tallest towers of such type, offers an excellent opportunity to open a unique open-air museum.

This conclusion was first reached by Jüri Pärn, one of the leading historians in Estonia, who has done intensive fieldwork at the site and written a thorough research paper for the Ministry of Culture.

Consequently, the international community and future generations will benefit from not only the revived memory about the distinguished actor Evgeny Leonov but also the preserved piece of the 20th century history, i.e. the Cold War and Iron Curtain.

The restoration and opening of the Yevgeny Leonov Museum may take a very long time or not be realized at all without your support.

As far as the author knows, a separate Leonov museum does not yet exist …


Alongside the outpost’s authenticity and the traditional forms of providing information at both museums, such as historical photographs, collections of items found at the outpost, and exhibitions, it is planned to organise interactive exhibits and excursions introducing Leonov and the life on the outpost by engaging visitors in a cognitive process; for instance, showing informative videos and old slides found at the outpost, observation of the sea through binoculars from the watchtower, visiting the bomb shelter for the crew, completing some parts of the obstacle course, etc. All of this will make the experience of visiting the site more entertaining and memorable.

A beneficial consequence of the opening of the museums could be sustainable development of the outpost’s territory and the surrounding area. Saaremaa island’s unique and beautiful nature depends on preservation and protection.

The outpost’s forest and flora will be preserved. There will be no demolition of old buildings or construction of new buildings, as well as any activity which harms or pollutes the environment. On the contrary, the museums represent a method of effective and perfectly harmless use of the existing and harmoniously integrated into the surrounding nature infrastructure.

Another positive outcome of the activities of the museums could be additional economic development of Saaremaa’s northern part and the island as a whole. The interesting story of Evgeny Leonov’s visit to Saaremaa and the unique border outpost museum have substantial potential to attract visitors and tourists from all over the world.

There is a realistic hope that the project could have a considerable impact on the island’s future!

Please contribute to the creation of the memorial and the house-museum of Yevgeny Leonov!