My name is Yan Drozdovsky. I grew up in the city of Tallinn. I went to an Estonian kindergarten and then school. I am fluent in Estonian, English and Russian.

I have two higher educations. In 2008, I graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Aberdeen. In 2013, I graduated with honors from the Master’s degree program in Politics, Security and Integration at the Slavonics School at University College London. I studied in detail the history and political history of modern Russia and Eastern Europe.

After graduation, I returned to Estonia, where in my free time I traveled around the country and got acquainted with various interesting historical sites.

The result of this hobby was that one day I learned about the former frontier post in the Liiküla village on the Saaremaa island and about the unique story of the great actor Yevgeny Leonov and his family connected with the vacation at the outpost in 1977. Thanks to a fortunate coincidence, I became the owner of a section of this outpost.

The story connected with Leonov’s arrival at the outpost struck me as very interesting and kind. Because the guest house of the outpost, in which the outstanding actor stayed and his family was on the spot, I immediately decided that it would be dedicated to Leonov. It could not be otherwise, especially considering the fact that the previous owners of the land planned to demolish this house. I consider the opening of the Yevgeny Pavlovich Leonov Museum at the frontier post a worthy work of my life.

In order to put in order the space and territory surrounding the museum, as well as to reproduce the atmosphere in which Yevgeny Leonov stayed, I plan to restore the outpost in the form of an open-air border post-museum. I see the opening of museums as a unique opportunity to realize my knowledge and aspirations by doing a good deed for the benefit of the world community and future generations.

Thank you for your attention!

Sincerely, Jan.

The restoration and opening of the Yevgeny Leonov Museum may take a very long time or not be realized at all without your support.

As far as the author knows, a separate Leonov museum does not yet exist…