The outpost could accommodate occasional visitors in its guest house. Generally, these people were senior military officials who arrived to carry out inspections or deal with other important matters. The house had two living rooms, a water closet with a sink and a wood-burning stove in the corridor.

A world-famous Soviet actor Yevgeny Leonov and his family stayed at this guest house during their summer holiday in 1977. Leonov had taken part in acting in the film Legend About Thiel (in the role of Lamme Goedzak) in Estonia the year before.

There he had met and became friends with a wonderful Estonian actor Lembit Ulfsak, who starred in the film. The original intention had been to shoot some of the scenes of the film on Saaremaa; however, Estonia’s northern coast was chosen instead.

Nevertheless, Ulfsak told Leonov about Saaremaa’s beautiful nature and persuaded him to still go there when the opportunity arises.

The next summer Leonov visited the island. How exactly he ended up staying at this border outpost remains to be discovered.

After the authentic restoration, the guest house will open as a memorial and museum in memory of the great actor.

The forum of the former 11th Border Detachment discusses Evgeny Leonov’ stay with his family at the outpost in Liiküla.

Source: http://pogran-zastava.ru

Tõnu Prei, Vladimir Vladimirov.

The restoration and opening of the Yevgeny Leonov Museum may take a very long time or not be realized at all without your support.

As far as the author knows, a separate Leonov museum does not yet exist…


The course of Evgeny Leonov’s life and career, his participation in the filming of a movie Legend About Thiel, visit to Estonia and the island of Saaremaa, and stay with his family at the outpost during their holiday have been under continuous exploration.

A photo of Leonov was discovered on the website of the former 11th Border Detachment pogran-zastava.ru. An interview that Leonov had given to Enda Naaber, a journalist with Saaremaa newspaper “Kommunismiehitaja” (“Builder of Communism”) was located at the archive library of the Estonian Literary Museum.

This article is illustrated with a photograph taken by Enda of Leonov in the border outpost’s yard. The first meeting and video interview with Enda about her acquaintance and talk with Evgeny Leonov have already taken place.

Many more interesting and fascinating news and discoveries lie ahead, which will be announced on the outpost’s website and its Youtube channel.

The project is always open for new information and cooperation that complement and contribute to the legendary actor’s museum.

A photograph of Evgeny Leonov with the outpost’s border guard.

Source: http://pogran-zastava.ru Sergei Ivanov.

A photograph of the interview with Evgeny Leonov in Saaremaa newspaper “Kommunismiehitaja” (“Builder of Communism”) from 29 September 1977.

Source: Estonian Literary Museum.

A separate Leonov museum does not yet exist, and we all have a unique opportunity to make up for this omission by contributing to this project.

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Evgeny Leonov on a bench of the sports ground of the border outpost in Liiküla. The photograph was used for the article in Saaremaa newspaper “Kommunismiehitaja” (“Builder of Communism”) from 29 September 1977.

Photo: Enda Naaber, 1977.

Source: Saaremaa Museum SM 10857: 1 Ark