Border Outpost Now

While the site can theoretically be opened to visitors in its current condition after some cleaning of the territory, additional funding is required to provide a more memorable experience.

Although all the buildings and infrastructure need to undergo necessary repairs, the first step would be to restore the officer houses, the watchtower, and the guest house where Leonov once stayed. The renovation of the officer houses will be carried out with the aim of providing acommodation to guests and tourists interested in the history of the outpost.

The watchtower is one of the important symbols of the outpost and will be one of the most attractive structures for visitors. This assumption is supported by the fact that the watchtower is one of the tallest of its kind in Estonia.

Similarly, Leonov house will be a very popular place, dedicated to everything that connected the great actor with Estonia, his trip to Saaremaa, and stay at the border outpost in particular.

Additionally, the opportunity will be created for accommodating visitors who wish to enjoy the experience of staying at the outpost and spending time the way Leonov did. The roof, windows, doors, floors, interior, and communications of the officer buildings and the guest house need to be repaired or changed.

Many of the wooden beams of the watchtower require renovation or replacement. Strengthening of the foundation, metal construction, and steel ropes may be required. Subsequently, the territory and buildings that surround the guest house would be restored.

The other buildings and infrastructure would undergo essential repairs after that.



A separate Leonov museum does not yet exist, and we all have a unique opportunity to make up for this omission by contributing to this project.

Please contribute to the creation of the memorial and the house-museum of Yevgeny Leonov!